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SharpBang (♯!) GNU/Linux is a live ISO image that can be used to install a pre-configured Openbox/Tint2 desktop running on Debian stable.

The username for the live system is user and the password is live.

The locale and keyboard is English (UK), press e with the "Live" entry highlighted at the bootloader screen and edit the line that starts with "linux" to change this.

Debian's live-build system is used to create the ISO and a rescue mode is accessible from the boot menu which can be used to open a shell in an installed system.

The default shell is mksh, use this command to revert back to bash if preferred:

chsh -s /bin/bash

Please note that SharpBang is not a distribution in the usual sense, the ISO image will install a pure Debian stable system with some pre-configuration.

Download links

64-bit x86:



32-bit x86:



Verifying the image

Download the ISO and matching sha512sum file, place them both in the current working directory then run this command (substitute i386 in place of amd64 for 32-bit images):

sha512sum -c sha512sum.amd64

Expected output:

sharpbang-bullseye-11.1.0-amd64.hybrid.iso: OK

Burning the image

Use cp to transfer the image to a USB stick, for example:

cp sharpbang-bullseye-11.1.0-amd64.hybrid.iso /dev/sdX ; sync

Replace X with the letter assigned to the USB stick, do not add a partition number.

Updating an installed system

To update the configuration in an installed system download the latest version of the sharp-configs package from here. Any changes in the package will only be applied to newly-created users by default. To apply the changes to the current user run this command:

sharp-user-setup --refresh

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