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Note: the ISO images do not include any wireless packages so an ethernet connection is preferred.

Dual boot installation guide here:

GRUB is now available in Alpine and so can be installed directly :)

Here is my menuentry (with Intel microcode line):

menuentry 'Alpine Linux' {
   set root='hdX,Y'
   linux /boot/vmlinuz-vanilla root=/dev/sdZY rw modules=xfs rootfstype=xfs quiet
   initrd /boot/intel-ucode.img /boot/initramfs-vanilla

The filesystem type and module need to be declared explicitly for them to be loaded.

Post Installation


Follow this guide to install Xorg itself:

The Gentoo Wiki shows how to run X as a non-root user:


Kernel mode setting needs to be activated for the graphics card:




Use a kernel command line option to set the default audio device, e.g. snd-hda-intel.index=1


Add the main user to the audio and video groups to access the relevant hardware:

adduser $USER audio
adduser $USER video

Getting regular stuff working


Alpine Linux uses APKBUILDs, which are very similar to Arch's PKGBUILDs, and has an aports tree to provide access to these:


See the Gentoo wiki for details.


Non-free firmware must be installed when required, this means nearly all wireless cards and also current AMD & Intel graphics cards.

CPU firmware can be unpacked from the Arch Linux intel-ucode & amd-ucode packages and added to the bootloader configuration as per

Miscellaneous Links

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